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What’s So Great About The New Year?

Only everything!

If you don’t like New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, you are doing it all wrong. I concede that you don’t have to do it my way – but mark the event in SOME WAY! If you like it quiet, I guess that’s ok, but I’ll be here singing Karaoke.

In the days preceeding the epic event (I still haven’t convinced you?), I enjoy reviewing last year – who says Facebook is a waste of time? I like dreaming about the next year, making lists, goals, and yes, a dreaded ‘resolution’ or five. For the past three years, I have been using the lovely Susannah Conway’s Unravel Your Year workbook. It is totally cool to spend the last days of the year or the first few days of the next working on it. I think you will thank me – or at least thank Susannah. I would not have known about this book without this smart chick. I think she can help you too – check out her blog.

Sure, you can pick a random time in March or some other time during the year to look back on the year, think about some things you’d like to add to your life or accomplish, write a mission statement – reset, reboot and restart, but are you going to? I’ve made it a habit to do it this time of year. It just seems to make the most sense and I feel like I have the wind at my back.

Get a new notebook.
Dream about what your life would look like if you were in charge! Ha! Wait. You are.
Make a few goals about learning to play a song on the guitar or ‘Kondo-ing‘ your whole house, or lowering your blood pressure or completing a writing class or reading a few books on astrology. Whatever. You pick.

Clearly, this is just my humble opinion – but try it – you might like it. My other advice is to PARTY. If you’re idea of party is way more subdued than mine and my friends, that’s ok too. I’ll heart your Instagram photos of you under your electric blanket with your cats!

Just remeber – I’ll be here singing karaoke. ~ See you in 2018.

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Eager Anticipation

Like I said, I do like Christmas. It comes with a set of expectations and pressures though, that I could live without. Look at New Year’s! All the fun – none of the expectations.

I remember being a little girl eagerly anticipating January 1st to write in my brand new diary with the locking cover on a brand new, crisp page. That is what New Year’s Day is to me – a brand new crisp page. Even if it is just in my head – all things are possible. I love making resolutions. I can’t help but think and dream about what the coming year might hold and what might be possible.

January 1st comes on the heels of the solstice that promises that the days are lengthening and hope is on the horizon.  By hope, I mostly mean temperate weather, sunshine, warmth and Summer.  Other kinds of hope too – the kind that whispers ‘What do you want?’ I answer with secret thoughts and wishes, new quotes pasted all around my kitchen, a vision board full of the possible and improbable all the same. I am making a paper list of resolutions and I do not worry if I cannot keep them all – dreaming and planning is the best part. Hoping. Hope is the theme.

I am cooking, cleaning, and inviting guests. I am decorating and listening to music I love. Did I mention that I am cleaning? I am planning, dreaming, hoping, wishing and praying.

God – bless this day and let me see that it is holy. Clear my mind, plant my feet and set my path. Help to walk in light and love. Give me the strength and flexibility of a swift running river, the clarity and stillness of a deep lake, and the joy and energy of the rolling tide. So be it.                    ~ Janet Costello (New Year’s Prayer, 2014)

I can hardly contain my excitement about New Year’s Eve. I truly love that ball in Times Square. Maybe it is, in fact, magical and maybe the Goo Goo Dolls said it best.