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When Ethan Surprises

One of Ethan’s super powers is his Super-Unpredictability. You really NEVER know what your going to get. Such was the case when he was called in to participate in his own IEP Meeting. (An IEP is the legal document that drives special education services and a meeting is held at least once a year to review it.)

I watched as he entered the room calmly and closed the door so carefully behind him. What?! He smiled and greeted me with a sweet ‘Hi, mom’ and a kiss on the cheek. He generally avoids me at all costs at home, except if he wants something from me. Each and everyday, when he returns from school, I am greeted by him as I would be if I came across a full-sized and angry grizzly bear. He is rarely genuinely happy to see me. Truth.

He smiled and chatted with the woman who represented the school district. He answered questions so appropriately. He was asked what he might like to do for paid work when he leaves Midland (which I assured the school district’s case manager was not, in fact, going to happen next year). He told them he likes the Midland workshop and piece work. He asked me to tell them about our trip to Florida. He asked me to tell them about his brothers and his Halloween costume.

He reached over and rubbed my arm and patted my hand. He giggled at some things. A couple of times when he did not hear or understand the question, he cocked his head, made an adorable face and said ‘what?!’ like some witty cartoon character. He was so ‘on’. He smiled and nodded signed his name on the correct lines.

He charmed the whole room…

…and his own mother.

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The kids took in another class at Trailside Nature and Science Center in Mountainside, NJ – Maple Sugaring, this time. They seemed to enjoy it, but when they seated in the kids in an auditorium and started a slide show – ‘this is a maple tree….’ I wondered how long they would hang in. Not all classes can be a hit, but they did not complain. The nature center is always a fun place to spend some time and there are plenty of activities to engage in outside of classes.

If you want a dynamic and interesting way to learn about Maple Sugaring, get to one of the public programs at the Environmental Education Center in Basking Ridge – I know we will.

We had a chance to take in a taping of America’s Got Talent. It was very neat to see how a show like that is taped and catch glimpses of some celebrities – Howard Stern, Nick Cannon, Heidi Klum, Mel B (Scary Spice) and Howie Mandell. Even from our nose-bleed seats, the acts were fun to watch and we look forward to seeing how they piece it together for TV!

1/2 of us spectated, and 1/2 of us were involved in Mikey’s last ever Pinewood Derby – soon he joins the ranks of Boy Scouts 🙂 His car did just fine.

DSC09380 DSC09391 DSC09392We topped off the weekend with the annual Spaghetti Dinner at The Midland School. We always have a nice time visiting with staff members and other families. Sean, in fact, threw the mother of all temper tantrums – about ranch dressing – and that still did not ruin the delicious spaghetti!

DSC09415 DSC09417 DSC09414 DSC09412Where have you been lately? Post a link in the comments so I can see.