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12 – Play with Dry Ice

50 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do)

I’ve been meaning to pick up some dry ice, look up some cool stuff to do with it and let the kids see what fun dry ice can hold. I really meant to.

When another mom offered to bring it to our homeschool cooperative, I was really grateful. We would get to play with very little effort from….ME 🙂 This mom did a great job of both showing the kids the cool things that dry ice could be used to do and keeping everyone safe.

Big kids had fun, little kids loved it. This mom knew just what to show them that would impress them all. The dry ice was placed in a bag, where the gas it gave off expanded the bag until it POPPED! It was exciting for everyone.

Playing with dry ice was really neat.

Dangerous? Totally. One of the reasons I did not want to handle it is that I had never done it and was unfamiliar and I knew that touching it could result in burns. The kids were all really good at complying with the rule not to touch it and the mom that handled it did a great job.