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How To Make Sense

Nothing makes sense right now. Concentrating is difficult and nothing feels right. I feel off-kilter and uncentered.

But, if I smooth out the sheets and prop the pillows just right and square up the seems on the comforter, other things feel straighter and smoother too. Something has definitely been accomplished, just like this guy says.

When I do laundry, NOTHING unexpected happens. It goes in dirty and comes out clean and cold and ready for drying, fluffing and folding. It is divine and is warm and lets itself be rolled or folded into neat bundles. It is so predictable and I don’t have to wash my hands when I am done.

I can make order from disorder. I can make an utter disaster into peace & calm. I’m not getting that feedback in any other area of my life right now. So I forge ahead with my spray cleaner, scrubby sponge and microfiber cloths.

I take Melissa Maker’s advice because I am a devotee of her cult of cleaning. She preaches the sermon that is my salvation. It is well with my soul when each new task is completed.

I can stack and order and line up books. I can place small tokens of love and life on shelves and they stay right where I place them. Pledge is a balm for my soul. I remove dust and scuffs like it is my religion.