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The 4th Annual Cousin’s Day

Once upon a time, one sister was blessed with the opportunity to provide childcare for the other sister. The first sister never needed to worry about her children and knew they were well-loved and cared for. The other sister, did not need to leave home in pursuit of another type of paid employment. Oh! The joy they shared 🙂

One sad day, the kids all moved on in different, big-kid, endeavors – like school and stuff and the magical time period ended. But, realizing that it was a very special and exceptional bond that makes people into cousins, there clearly needed a more official way to celebrate the sacred bond that they shared. The sisters deemed the former ‘Columbus Day’ (I never really like him anyway) ‘Cousin’s Day’ and so a tradition began.

Feel free to revisit The 1st Annual, and The 2nd Annual and The 3rd Annual editions of this recurring event. May I now present to you – views from The 4th Annual Cousin’s Day Celebration.

‘Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold
the cousins together.’

~ Woodrow Wilson


3 years ago, Columbus Day turned into a 85-degree beach day on October 10. Watching my kids and their cousins frolic in the surf suddenly reminded me that they were only getting bigger & bigger, busier & busier and that I had better do something about it!!

That is when I deemed Columbus Day – ‘Cousins Day’. I will make it a priority to gather the brood and have some spectacular adventure together every year. This year marked The 3rd Annual Costello Clan Cousins Day.

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Here’s what a very good Cousin’s Day looks like.

I love watching them together and watching who pairs up for a conversation and to play.

Good kids, good fun.

A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
— John Bowring