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Happy, Shiny Day

There is always a summer day that stands out to me – The Happy, Shiny Day. There is a quality to the day that makes it quintessentially summer, special and a little sacred.

This very blog chronicles some of those days. I am not always sure it is happening, when it  is happening, but when that day begins to inhabit my thoughts in mid-September and take up residence in the spot labeled ‘Best Summer Memories’, it takes it’s place at the head of the line and earns itself that title. When it turns into a day whose heat and sunlight fuel my hope in February, it is forever sealed into the mental album where the others of their ilk are stored.

I knew this day was going to be in the running for a summertime award, when all three invitees amicably accpeted my invitiation and readied themselves in record time. When my request for time on the bayside, rather than the oceanside was met with resounding positivity, my happiness quotient expanded.

I sank down into my beach chair on the bay of Sandy Hook and I sank deeply into a space of sheer gratitude as I watched my boys play together. Play – with kind words and happy voices. I bought them ice cream and wished for a few more weeks of summer. Someone may have uttered the words, ‘Thank you for the beach day, mommy’. That someone may have been a teenager.

Sea creatures, and tidal pools and endless strand lines to comb for teasures are always ingredients that mix up into a delightful concoction for me. I wish that I had magical chemistry equipment that could distill these days down into a ‘Felix Felicis-type’ serums and save them in medicinal blue bottle for another time.

The school year has barreled into September like a NJ Transit Train with blaring horns and loud announcements. It’s dumped paperwork, early morning alarms, tight schedules, homework and a bit of unwelcome chaos and calamity on the platform as it sped off with my two of my boys.

I count the days to the Autumnal Equinox – I know it’s coming. So, I will line up my happy, shiny days like glossy, beautiful magazine photos for reading and purusing during the cooler, grayer and darker months that are coming. I will try to stay positive, but don’t blame me if I need to resort to what is in the cobalt blue bottle. 

This Is Not The End

There are more days of summer in September than there are in June, but people will easily accept June as ‘summer’ and September 1 as the heralding of fall.

Not so my friends and I forbid you to imbibe in anything “Pumpkin Spice” or to hang a wreath swathed in fake fall foliage on your front door until I say you can. I will be highly offended if you do, and lord know how we all feel about being offended. Except for me, because I’m a big girl and have way thicker skin than you.

August is totally gypping me out of the hot and sunny days I feel owed after all I put up with during The Season That Shall Not Be Named. Sometimes, I sit an conspire as to how I can transplant New Jersey, the whole friggin’ state, to a much warmer and temperate climate. If you know anything about me, it’s that I can’t function for long periods of time outside of New Jersey. Moving the whole state feels as rational of an option as it felt to me when I was trying to figure out how to leave the labor and deliver room while in labor with Ethan. I was completely certain that if I walked past the neon exit sign, the whole crazy mess would end. But, I digress. Often.

I won’t take September too seriously, though, with all it’s ‘School Supplies’ and shit. I will still attempt to sneak off to the beach every chance I get – even if that chance is in the evening and may cause my children to be out late at night. I will not participate The Great and Ridiculous Back-to-School Shopping Event. Gavin will still be wearing exactly what he’s been wearing for the last 698 days – jeans, a dark, graphic tee and a flannel shirt. I have explained summer to him and he is uninterested. Mikey will also return to school in his uniform – some super-matchy outfit consisting of sporty, nylon shorts, a brightly colored tee and crazy, mismatched socks that he still manages to match to his other clothing. I will probably acquiesce to a pair of overpriced Nikes for him. There – you happy now!?

Ethan is a grown-ass adult and Sean is a feral, homeschooler. Neither of them require much in the way of wardrobe changes.

Watch me, as I attempt to wring every last little drop of sunshine from the official 24 days left in summer. There are still a few things on my list. October is coming soon enough, but look at the date on this post.

It’s endless.