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Sunday Scenes – Good Stuff

I like this exercise of reminding myself to take photos on Sunday’s and think about the really good things in life. Not all Sundays are perfect, and even that reminds me of how truly ‘good’ I have it.


Why? I don’t know. Found him here & took a picture.

I LOVE to bake a cake. Love it. If it is old-fashioned, requires sifting, ingredients at room temperature and the alternating of wet and dry additions – even better. I thoroughly enjoyed baking a cake this Sunday.

I did NOT enjoy pulling said cake with my hands out of the cake pan after it sat there 5 hours too long. It is being served in ‘hunks’ instead of slices. Oh well.

My favorite supplies for one of my favorite activities.

My favorite supplies for one of my favorite activities.

Mr. Cool

Mr. Cool

DSC06993 (1)

Somebody may have rec’d a 100-mile-an-hour ride in a Lamborghini for his 20th Birthday. THAT needs its own post.

DSC07037And any night that ends with a fire…safely burning in the firepit…is good.


The Cake

I documented the making of this fabulous cake straight from the pages of Cake Ladies – Celebrating a Southern Tradition.

My desire is to bake through the whole book. Because I get like that. When Mikey requested a labor-intensive cake that would require that I practice my caramel-making skills (do I have caramel-making skills?) I was looking forward to the process.

I worked hard – there was allowing all the ingredients to come to room temperature, the creaming, the sifting and the alternating of wet and dry additions. There was browning the sugar and raising the temperature to exactly 248 degrees. Whew!

When I poured the icing onto the cake for spreading, I saw it.

‘It’ was a tiny fleck of enamel paint. Paint?!


My enamel-coated Kitchenaid paddle

DSC04581 My cake was iced with frosting that was chock full of white, enamel paint. All those ingredients. All that work. With a large spatula, Dennis tilted my beautiful cake plate and plunked it into the trash can. I couldn’t do it. Although it was just a cake – it was a terrible feeling to have it all slip unceremoniously into the garbage.

I could not pick out the flecks – they were pervasive. The whole cake had to be tossed.

Oh, the analogies I can draw from this baking experience. The lack of success, the perceived wasting of time and costly ingredients. I just did not know where to start. I thought I might lack the gumption to start the process over again. The first step in restarting this tremendous cake was to make a conscious decision as to whether I was going to tackle it or not. Decision made, I proceeded.

Rebuilding and reformulating from the ground up. Have you ever had to do that?

DSC04594 (1)I mean, it’s just a cake, right?