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One Step At A Time

I did two things today that I have not done in a long time. I donned my bright pink Brooks – they make me happy – and purposefully walked a couple of miles with Neil Gaiman in my airpods and I logged in here.

Turns out I miss both things. A lot.

I had developed a very consistent habit of daily walking (sometimes in excess of 30 miles a week) that improved my fitness, reduced my stress and anxiety, lowered my blood pressure and decreased my waistline (and allowed me to listen to nearly all of Neil Gaiman’s novels), until I was tragcially sidetracked by this. Although I still have bouts of post herpetic neuralgia, I’ve decided that the benefits definitely outweigh the pain.

Walking is almost always the only time that I am not being asked questions, answering a ringing phone, switching laundry, and just alone with either Neil (do you get that I REALLY like him?) or my own thoughts. The toll on my mental health has been great. This winter was much more difficult. I have always said that walking and hiking were more for my head than my ass.

My friend Elizabeth, who is a gifted healer and an endless source of encouragement often posts about restarting, rebooting and resetting your compass as many times as you need to.

What could you reboot today that would make a difference for tomorrow? I’m headed back out with Neil.

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Queen of the World

I was once Queen of the World.

You don’t think so?!

Check out the entries on this very blog from September, 2010 or July 2012 or June 2014. Farms and experiments, day trips and tiny, adorable children dot those pages. Easy, breezy fun happened at ever turn and all things were new and exciting. I had little kids whose needs, quite honestly, were easily met.

Even if I was not Queen of the World, I was, at least, Queen of Pancakes, Playdates, Parks and Picnic Blankets – and that is saying a lot.

I haven’t blogged much over the last year, because so much has changed and I now live on another planet. The terrain is unfamiliar and the atmosphere is completely different. Ethan is now an adult and I like to vent my frustrations write about this new world at Living With A Happy Man.  The system in which we are dealing and the emotions that I am contending with are running a tight second to the disconcerting first few years of his life.

The smiling, muddy homeschoolers who were the muses of most of my posts became teenagers and went off to public school. They took to that like fish to water, while I was left floundering a little in a very different role. Definitely NOT Queen of the World. More like waitress and chauffeur. I could not have known the immensity of the statement ‘little kids, little problems’ and the converse about big kids until now. I have really, really good kids – and this teen parenting thing is intense. Emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually, I am always reckoning with an issue with or for one of them.

The adorable, miniature accessory I used to have, otherwise known as ‘Sean’, does not even resemble the skinny little toddler who graced my pages with great photos entitled ‘The Daily Sean’. He is 8 and thinks he’s 12. No kid shows or toys for this one. I’ve been cheated. Homeschooling alone is nothing like the homeschooling a passel and we are trying to find our footing on this new planet I told you that we now inhabit.

This one will ALWAYS pose for a picture! Makes me happy 🙂

My teens do not love me sharing their personal information or letting me take photos for that matter. I feel like an era is over and that has made it hard to continue here in my little corner of cyberspace. But, I’ve been soul searching and going to therapy, which turns out are the same thing, and I realized that writing is my jam. I acknowledge that I like it, love it and really want to hone it. What better place to do that than here.

So it’s back to the drawing board, literally. My goals is to write about what is in front of me – the sights, the sounds and the experiences. My goal is to be authentic and get a little (or a lot) personal.

My goal, really, is to write.

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Blog Envy & Love

I am a people watcher in every sense of that term. Whatever your lifestyle – I’m interested. I especially like to watch people that live nothing like me. I love to peak into someone else’s corner of the universe. I am always inspired and entertained by other people.

So if you’ve painted every piece of furniture in your home or your kids have never had a grain of sugar, you live full-time in an RV, are a missionary, a vegan, a Mormon, or you live off the grid – I’m intrigued. I read blogs by moms of children with fatal diagnoses, who have adopted many special needs children and moms who have their own disabilities that make parenting exceptionally hard.

I often hear moms comment on how certain blogs make them feel inadequate. Most comments center on how perfect someone makes everything seem. I just don’t see it that way. Maybe by the time you’re looking at the beginning of crows feet in the mirror, you’ve come to terms with the fact that there is no such things as ‘perfect’ and if it look like there is, someone’s about to have a psychotic break. Oh, I’ve seen that first hand too!

I am glad that people go out into the blogosphere to share their lives, talents, strengths and struggles. I see the posts as snapshots into a part or piece of their lives, not their whole lives. I’m grateful that someone else has figured out the copycat recipe for the Coffee Coolatta, logged 24 videos on learning to crochet, reviewed 10 apps to monitor your teens online, shared their financial plan to stay in their RV six months out of the year and how they chalk painted their dining room set – because I want to do some of it too! Most times when I think of something I want to have – a cleaner house, more patience, an early-morning routine – I look for a blogger who has it and has done it. When Dennis and I wanted to take a cross country RV road trip, you can bet we turned to the bloggers. Instead of envy – I ALWAYS ask how!!

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If I spent my time on jealously instead of capturing the information on how they do it, I’m missing out, not them.

I’ve looked back over this blog to see what I’ve chosen to highlight – and it’s usually the high points. I love taking a tiny piece of my life, making the effort to snap a photo, and then hanging on to one wonderful facet of the day or week by memorializing it in blog form. I love expanding out the moment with the attached feelings and emotions to process these brief parts of my life. For myself, it is not an effort to make my life seem perfect (Dennis reminds me that it would be impossible to do that with our life) but an effort to remind myself – and you – that although life is not perfect – there are moments that are deliciously perfect.

There are also the times that I’ve blogged about being SAD or how overwhelming I sometimes find my family. As I mentioned, Dennis said I could never look perfect anyway, so you’re safe over here.

Here’s my theory – I believe mothers, as a group, have been divinely imparted with all the knowledge necessary to get our jobs done. I know how to do a bunch of things well. You are probably nailing the things that I am not. I see it! I believe we have everything we will ever need – you might just need to turn to the mom next to you…

or the next blog over.

If you read a blog that you love – link it in the comments. If you have a blog you that grates on your nerves – send that to me too 😉