50 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do)

I picked up this book after hearing about it from my friends at Toadhaven – who are always doing something really fun!  Some things are more interesting/fun/daring than others, but we’ve committed to try them all and post about it.  Maybe we will make up a few of our own in the end.

  1. Lick a 9-volt Battery
  2. Play in a Hailstorm
  3. Master the Perfect Somersault
  4. Kiss Hello Like the French
  5. Stick Your Hand Out of the Window
  6. Drive a Nail
  7. Drive a Car
  8. Throw a Spear
  9. Make a Bomb in a Bag
  10. Play with the Vacuum Cleaner
  11. Throw Rocks
  12. Play with Dry Ice
  13. Boil Water in a Paper Cup
  14. Put Strange Stuff in the Microwave
  15. Throw Things From a Moving Car
  16. Drop From High Places
  17. Burn Things With a Magnifying Glass
  18. Walk Home From School
  19. Climb on the Roof
  20. Squash Pennies on a Railroad Track
  21. Spend an Hour Blindfolded
  22. Bend Steel
  23. Break Glass
  24. Construct Your Own Flying Machine
  25. Look at the Sun
  26. Learn Dramatic Sword Fighting
  27. Make a Slingshot
  28. Climb a Tree
  29. Perform on the Street
  30. Dam up a Creek
  31. Go Underground
  32. Change a Tire
  33. Dive in a Dumpster
  34. Deconstruct an Appliance
  35. Go to the Dump
  36. Poison your Friends
  37. Fly Your Homemade Kite in a Gale
  38. Learn Tightrope Walking
  39. Cook Something in the Dishwasher
  40. Find a Beehive
  41. Cross Town on Public Transit
  42. Break the Recipe Rule Book
  43. Whittle
  44. Make a Rope Swing
  45. Play with Fire
  46. Superglue Your Fingers Together
  47. Melt Glass
  48. Explode a Bottle in the Freezer
  49. Sleep in the Wild
  50. Your Project (and do we have some in mind!!)

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