What’s going on, you ask? Ok. I’ll tell you.

The Happy Man is busy, chaotic and unpredictable. We are endlessly thankful for this program that keeps him engaged doing things he likes with people he loves. When he is home, he continues to color and color and color. He takes breaks to play Xbox, watch funny videos on YouTube, plan his audition material for Americas Got Talent. He occasionally hosts a ‘fake’ funeral for Joe Jackson in his room.

90% of the time he’s pretty funny and very entertaining. The other 10% usually produces parental exhaustion, total frustration and an infrequent emergency. His consistency lies in his inconsistency, if that makes sense. I sometimes write about E here. Follow him on Instagram here.

The Welder happily graduated from high school and took a job in a metal fabrication shop. After a few months of that, he realized that he was not getting what he wanted out of it and embarked on some “Life Lesson” exercises. He sought advice from wise & thoughtful men who know him well, planned an exit with integrity, made contingency plans, researched some options and changed his mind and course. It was painfulf and wonderful watch.

He will be attending RVCC for the Spring semester as a Physics Major using his NJSTARS Scholarship. He has the most lovely girlfriend, a good work ethic and big ideas.

Photo courtesy of Happy Famiy Art

The School Boy does just that. People ask me if he ‘likes’ school (I guess after homeschooling most of his life). Go ask any teenager if they ‘like’ school. It’s a place to be and he likes the mayhem and antics associated with a large concertration of teenagers doing teenager things. He would gladly spend all his time as a professional camp counselor, like he did this summer (and the previous summer). He rocks the ‘work’ thing and the ‘summer’ thing – but something needs to fill the time in between. He loves his friends, his hamster, binge-watching Netflix and finding Friday-night fun. Mikey is thoughtful and funny and quintessentially 16 – drivers permit and all.

The Homeschooler is completely feral. He plays town sports, skateboards with friends, plays any and every board game every chance he gets. He loves Mahjong, reading, is teaching himself cursive and playing Dragon Box. He loves all things Dungeons and Dragons and has several ongoing games. He’s all about The Pyramid Code and Ancient Aliens. He is my constant companion. He does not believe he is 10.

Our current world is a sharp contrast to how it all started. There is so much to miss and so much to look forward to, and some pretty good stuff to just be in now.

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