Not Back to School-ing

For 13 Septembers, I, along with other homeschoolers who are so inclined, celebrate the fact that we are not beholden to school district policies and procedures of having a ‘first day of school’ or a date and time we must begin ‘our studies’.

Whichever children were currently identifying as homeschoolers in our family, ignore the date and time, and proceeded with the activites of their choosing. Sean is currently the lone pupil of The Costello Academy for Wayward Boys (kidding!!…some people name their homeschools. That was a joke) we will be traipsing around the state, looking for fun in every nook and cranny.

We will carry on as we please, because the beautiful days are numbered. I know all to well that the winter will be filled with too many days home, in a row, that will prompt us to do ‘other things’ – maybe some of them will even look like ‘school work’.

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