One Step At A Time

I did two things today that I have not done in a long time. I donned my bright pink Brooks – they make me happy – and purposefully walked a couple of miles with Neil Gaiman in my airpods and I logged in here.

Turns out I miss both things. A lot.

I had developed a very consistent habit of daily walking (sometimes in excess of 30 miles a week) that improved my fitness, reduced my stress and anxiety, lowered my blood pressure and decreased my waistline (and allowed me to listen to nearly all of Neil Gaiman’s novels), until I was tragcially sidetracked by this. Although I still have bouts of post herpetic neuralgia, I’ve decided that the benefits definitely outweigh the pain.

Walking is almost always the only time that I am not being asked questions, answering a ringing phone, switching laundry, and just alone with either Neil (do you get that I REALLY like him?) or my own thoughts. The toll on my mental health has been great. This winter was much more difficult. I have always said that walking and hiking were more for my head than my ass.

My friend Elizabeth, who is a gifted healer and an endless source of encouragement often posts about restarting, rebooting and resetting your compass as many times as you need to.

What could you reboot today that would make a difference for tomorrow? I’m headed back out with Neil.

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