What I Want Them To Know

I have a dream of sending well-rounded, renaissance men out into the world. I want to embue them with the ability to write thank you and sympathy cards and make chicken soup from scratch. I want them to be adept at scrubbing pots and pans, unclogging the kitchen sink and making Tollhouse Cookies ~ by heart.

I have a Pinterest board entitled “Things I Want The Boyz To Be Able To Do” and it is a very long list. Skills on my list range from household, repair and social skills to and what I consider one of the most important skills any of us will ever possess – time and project management. Each time I think of something new, I make a note of it and look for opportunities for them to learn. I occassionally find myself doing something and realizing one of them hasn’t done it, so I call them to come for the experience. I am certain if you ask them – they will say that it is something about me that they really enjoy 😉

Mikey using a running stitch to repair a hole in his backpack.

I can attest that it is easier and quicker to get a job done without them, but in the long run, the benefits outweigh the cost. Please tell me the benefits will outweight the cost!


Both of our teens are enrolled in vocational high schools. Besides their high school requirements, they are learning an arsenal of skills that they can use to maintain their own property, employ themselves during additional schooling or develop a career in a society that is experiencing a real skills gap. We are extremely proud of both of them. 

So while their high schools might have requirements to issue my kids their diplomas, I also have my own ideas about money management, accounting and taxes, meaningful sex education, self-defense, survival skills and home economics. I also maintain a list of interesting certifications that people (even young people) can earn that might make them useful and marketable teenagers.

Oh! Who couldn’t use more useful and marketable teenagers?