What I Know For Sure

Oprah always asks her Super Soul Sunday guests what they know for sure. I have not decided yet whether I will plan ahead or just go with the moment when she asks me.

Right this minute, I know these things for sure.

I know that learning to make the perfect iced coffee (or the drink of your choice) at home is a worthy skill to hone. You will possess the capacity to bring yourself a little bit of joy at any moment.

I know that hanging your newly laundered sheets out in the sunshine imbues them magical, sunshine-y properties and the most glorious smell. If you follow my advice of making your bed ‘hotel style’ each day, you will, at the very least, end it in the mosty satisfying way.

I know this guy is a crack up and even when he is exasperating – he is funny as hell! I know that he loves these coins. I know my life would not be the same without him.

I know that I am loved and cared for when my friend/sister/mother/mentor tells me over lunch that my daily walks are wonderful and that I should keep up the good work and then tells me that I should consider REALLY sweating and adding some weights to that. I know when I find this girl and I feel better each time I work out with her that things are going in just the right direction.

I know for sure that when all of my people were home on Wednesday morning, breathing the same air and scurring back and forth in our little house, I was really happy. It seemed like ages since we were all in one spot at the same time. Those moments are getting fewer and farther between and I have a feeling it’s supposed to happen this way.

I know that what ‘I knew for sure’ 20 years ago is not what I know for sure now. I’ve noticed that I know so very few things with complete certainty these days.

I’m still ready to talk to Oprah, though.

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