What I Want

I want breakfast.

I want more coffee.

I want to be my cat.

I want to be a ‘good’ mother.

I want a change of scenery.

I want to not have nightmares that I had to say goodbye – forever – to all my loved ones.

I want my energy back from this current illness.

I want Ethan to stop choking and gagging from his current illness.

I want magical, miniature fairies that desire to only do my bidding.

I want all of my laundry clean and folded.

I want an unlimited supply of dark and intense, suspenseful thrillers to keep me going on that task.

I want a crystal ball.

I want to take a very, long walk.

I want to make complicated, cut-out cookies for Easter with lots of brightly colored royal icing.

I want to crochet a mathematically perfect sphere.

I want beach weather.

I want all my favorite songs to play on Pandora.

I want today to unfold as I gratefully enjoy every moment, believing that it is just where I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing at each given time.

Yeah. That.


Sanibel Island – 2014


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