Sunday Scenes – A Birthday Edition

Does anyone else remember the Soul II Soul song “Back To Life” – the hook is running around in my head this morning?

Back to life, back to reality.

Enter the post-holiday doldrums. In our house we have been in chronic down time/party mode. Quite a combination and my system is not responding well to opening my household notebook and finding that I have LOTS of things to address. LOTS. So, with Ethan back at school, Dennis & The Middles off skiing at Shawnee, that leaves Sean and I to tackle the ‘regular’ stuff.

Here are a few images from our house from yesterday. One question, though. How did ‘Baby Gavin’ turn 14. <sigh>


This poor kid had a high fever when I took this. I pointed the camera at him and he smiled like this! Is that what you get with a blogging mom?


I was trying to capture the delicious steam emanating from my mug in this photo. I swear, I often wonder what would become of mine without this magic elixir.


I crocheted the kitty a cat cave. It was a real learning process for me – but that was the point. The pattern can be found here.


Happy 14th Birthday, Gavin.

Here it goes, folks. Get back to it. Whatever IT is.

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