Sunday Scenes – And Stream of Conciousness


Because their 14-year age difference will always kill me.



New use for soup tureen. Still playing with shells.


Ethan’s hard and constant work. Soon to be on Etsy 😉


A sweet treat for a sweet treat


Pep talk

These are scenes I saw on Sunday. What I’ll see on Monday is another whole other topic. I’ve been wanting to do a post about what a ‘typical’ day looks like here at my house, but I don’t think there is such a thing. I am going to pick a date and just do it. How about Thursday? Do you like Thursdays?

After I pulled my Summer Fun List off my dining room wall (sniff, sniff), I did not put up another. I think I need to. I need fun and excitement to look forward too – even if the weather is less than stellar for me. List – coming soon.

Have you heard of Shefali Tsabary? She’s blowing my mind. Read her books, watch her videos and then let’s talk. Oh my – loving the message.

How’s The Orange Rhino 30-Day Yelling Challenge going, you ask. I’m frustrated. I don’t yell often – but it pops out every once and a while. Enough to make that little counter on my front page silly. But I’ll reset it now and try again. I know I am learning a lot, but I want to make some headway in changing those ‘go to’ behaviors. I LOVE her FB page – it’s so encouraging. I have to admit that I think it’s important to curb the yelling, but there’s also this little, yucky tone of voice that I’d like to flush down the toilet too. I can do this, right? Some people think their kids are too old to make a change valuable – but I think it’s cool that they are watching me work on it and try to make our home happier and more harmonious 🙂

I am also thinking about the pros and cons of pulling out Halloween decorations with 4 days left, how to get to Florida in the middle of winter this year, and reading things here & here.

It’s Monday. What are you doing?

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