Sunday Scenes – 1/2 Day

I forgot to bring my camera to Greenbrook Hockey Club to photograph the boys playing on the same team together. Don’t you know that means? *1* practice and *1* game 🙂 a week (on Sundays), except for Sean who is still on Saturday mornings. It seems like such a condensed weekend. I love it! And I can’t wait to see what Mikey and Gavin can pull off as teammates. Oh yeah, and Dennis as the coach.

Then, there was the impromptu pool party. As fun as it was, the black cloud of ‘what if this is the last impromptu pool party’ sneaked in. Stupid black cloud.

113001 003 004 013 017 024 036 047 045 073Sunday is over. Now onto Monday – wondering what the Monday Scenes will hold.

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