Sean Was an Only Child

For 63 hours last week, Sean was an ‘only child’. Dennis, Gavin and Mikey were away at Boy Scout Camp and Ethan continued in his summer school program. From 7:30 to 3:45 it was only Sean and I and we took full advantage of that.

We visited the local spraypark. Three times. We baked cookies every time he asked. Twice. We NEVER cooked dinner – grilled cheese, bowls of cereal and frozen pizza were fine for the three of us. We walked around the block, shopped in the thrift store, visited the chiropractor and played board games – each time his choice, without having to compromise with any brother 🙂 He watched several ‘G’ rated movies and set up his ‘guys’ and blocks any way HE wanted to.

Ethan enjoyed a few perks as well – trip to ‘eat in’ at the pizza place and an evening at a local ‘cruise night’. We all enjoyed the slightly quieter evenings. I don’t think Dennis’ evenings were as quiet 🙂

I decluttered the entire upstairs bathroom – every drawer and cabinet was emptied and wiped and restocked. I gave the the dining room closet and downstairs linen closet the same treatment. The fitted sheets were all folded – and put away properly. I culled the upstairs bookshelves and cleaned off the ever-dumped on stairs.  Laundry was practically non-existent, so sheets and curtains were all washed and hung. ‘Command Central’ was cleared and organized.


Is it really just me or can cleaning your desk make you feel like all is right in the world?

I invested in two things. Sean and my house. Can’t imagine how the return on investment could be anything  but awesome.

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