Our Back-to-‘School’ Supply List

I know people are working on collecting the supplies their kids needs to go back to classes in September. Here’s a list of some of my essentials.

~ A subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime & Audible.

~ An endless list of documentaries for our viewing – Life of Mammals, Life of Birds, Raccoon Nation, How It’s Made, Going Deep with David Reese, The Ancient Life, Going West, The Blue Planet & many more. My kids never tire of them.

~ A list of movies to watch, discuss and think about – like these.

~ An extensive list of places to go and things to do before the stupid weather changes 🙁 A list of indoor places to go when the stupid weather changes.

~ A GPS, a cooler, reusable water bottles and a picnic blanket. Totally. Required. Supplies.

~ Free Museum Passes from the Somerset County Library System. What’s better than sharp crayons? Free museums.

~ As many State Theater tickets as my budget can handle, because this, this & this look great.

~ A public library card and huge lists of books to read ~ pick a list, any list and we’ll read them.

~ Memberships to several places that we will visit time & time again. Right now we have Liberty Science Center and Turtleback Zoo.

~ Therapeutic music. Seriously, yes. Yes, that’s what I said 🙂

~ Games. Because I’d rather make them smarter than fill them with useless facts. (If I make them smarter, they’ll fill themselves with facts that they need 😉

~ Classes held at museums, the county college, nature & environmental centers, planetariums, & libraries in which to glean the facts they may want to have.

There are other things that we will have. We might even have the occasional textbook or use some workbooks – really, we might. But these are, by far, my most important ‘supplies’.

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