I am a terrible wife…

I do not have any Sunday Scenes – the scene here was incredibly boring. Instead I’ll tell you this…

Dennis asked if I knew that some wives miss their husbands when they go away. Interesting, I thought. Besides, he is only going to be gone for a week. Do you ‘miss’ your significant other when they are gone? Isn’t it true that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’? I am not totally sure what makes him being gone so appealing to me, because I really like Dennis šŸ™‚

I do look forward to taking up the whole bed and sleeping diagonally. I am NOT a cuddler and a relish sleeping alone. Is that weird?

I like being free of all expectations of another human being, mainly the expectation of dinner. God, I hate dinner. I wish it would just fall into a giant sinkhole. While Dennis is gone, I’ll eat pizza with Ethan or Cheerios with Sean. I don’t care. I’ll have a smoothie or a fried egg. I REALLY don’t care. It will be nice.

When I am here alone, there is no need to compromise in any situation or communicate my intentions or involve anyone else in what I am doing whatsoever. My way or the highway. Do you feel sorry for Dennis yet?

Sure, Ethan will act up for me, and Sean will be a little weepy. There will be no one to pick up the slack when I fumble the ball, as I often do. Dennis won’t be here to bail me out of some project or mess I’ve gotten myself into or carry really heavy items or provide an extra set of keys should I lock myself in or out of something.

I guess I should be glad that it’s only a week.


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