Silverball Pinball Museum

With Summer ‘unofficially’ here (official in my house!), I wanted to let you know about a neat little nook on the Jersey shore. It’s right on the boards in Asbury Park.

Silverball Pinball Museum is a classic arcade game/pinball ‘museum’. You can play all of the games without coins or tokens with the price of admission. You’ll find games you played as a kid and it’s a great way to show your kids more pixels than they’ve ever seen in their hi-def lives 🙂

There are so many good things about playing pinball and video games and at Silverball, one of them is that it gets you to the beach – and that’s always good.

We happened to visit Silverball on the heels of Gavin and I having just finished ‘Ready Player One‘ by Ernest Cline. If you are inclined to share some great 80s pop culture and an epic, MMO/RPG-based adventure with your teen, it was a cool book 🙂 After you visit here, go here.

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