Blog Neglect

I feel bad when I neglect my blog. Poor, sad little internet entity 🙁 It’s not even the good, solid benign neglect I provide to my children. Benign. Neglect. Really sometimes it is necessary.

I have goals and ideals for most of my days – tasks I want to accomplish with the boys, interactions that I want to engage in. I want to talk with them and play games and read. I like when they help me cook and bake and run a couple of errands. I have a mental (and paper) checklist that helps me stay my course. I like when I fill up their cups and they fill mine.

Most of the time, it’s good. Then, sometimes call for some for gentle, loving little ‘go aways’. I don’t say ‘go away’ – I use sweet, little code phrases like:

‘Hey, you have a closet full of games, toys, clay and colored pencils – go use them.’

‘You have brothers and toys, go find something to do with them.’

‘Where’s that book you’ve been reading? Don’t we have some new music on the iPad?’

DSC00497I have lots of things I can point them towards and I do. Boys! Find something to do…preferably out of earshot.

I would never say that to my blog.


I just know that the holiday weekend will give me lots to blog about – the official start to summer cannot go wrong! I also have a some events I’d still like to catch you up on. Am I allowed to do that next week?!

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