Aboard a Battleship

Disclaimer: I did not go on this trip. Although I would have really enjoyed the views from the deck, I had no interest in cramming myself into the tiny, under deck areas and closed sleeping quarters. Thank you, Dennis, for giving the boys such a great experience.

Battleship New Jersey is our Country’s largest and most decorated battleship and Dennis arranged for a Cub Scout/Boy Scout sleepover aboard the ship. They all came home full of facts and stories. When friends heard he took the boys, they offered stories of their own family members serving aboard the historic vessel. The boys were most impressed with the self-contained nature of the ship – from doctor to barber, laundry to the ability to fabricate parts and repair at sea.

The best way to learn about and understand history is when it is right under your own feet!

That’s my cue to fetch them some books and documentaries that include some of the New Jersey’s exploits.

“Study the past if you would define the future.”
― Confucius

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