Trapped & Random

We are snowed in. Not in the Les Stroud sense of the phrase, but trapped nonetheless. It just snows and rains and sleets and make a crappy mess of New Jersey. I put the ground hog in my crock pot and I am furiously planning for milder days.

Meanwhile, in our tiny house where everyone is breathing each others’ air, we engage in our ‘indoor’ activities.

We’ve been watching a lot of TV. Some of us are watching The Curse of Oak Island, America Unearthed, Unusual Cultures, Warehouse 13, Vikings (not the kids, silly) every single episode of Magic School Bus, and each of the Wild Kratts. We watched videos from the library about speaking Spanish, astronomy basics, phonics songs, ancient civilizations and math tricks. We are wearing out Netflix and our DVR. We are all gearing up for the Olympics – even the science behind them.

Mikey is deep into the world of Percy Jackson, devouring each book in a matter of hours. Gavin is in the middle of Divergent, as well as The Mortal Instruments series. Ethan has stacks of AutaBuy magazines that litter every flat surface and Sean insists that reading is getting very boring because it requires sitting. He has, though, honed a perfectly landed front flip on the couch. Mikey orchestrates very elaborate Star Wars Guy Wars.

DSC09045The kids are playing Dragon Box, Call of Duty: Ghost, Roblox, PBSkids, Starfall, and Disney Infinity. We play Tetris on an old Gameboy Color. Sometimes we play Uno, Gubs, Othello, and Cathedral.

I guess it is kind of cozy in here. Then again, maybe that’s just everyone exhaling at once.

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