Mornings with Ethan

There are several ways I am awakened in the morning.

Very rarely, I get up all by myself. Sometimes I get up with Dennis as he starts to get ready. Often I am woken up by Ethan clomping and bumping down the stairs with about 1/2 hour to get him ready and off on the bus.

The most frequent way I am awakened is my least favorite. It starts with Dennis saying something like – ‘come on, I need some help’ or ‘hey, he’s gotta leave in 15 minutes.’

Do you know how hard it is to prepare 4 slices of bacon and a cup of coffee in 5 minutes within 30 seconds of waking up? Breakfast is served with a side of cartoons.

It’s the pathetic repetition of the exact same steps every day. If we are well-prepared, Ethan has showered the night before and I am ready with neatly stacked, pre-cooked bacon that only needs warmed in the microwave. And if those things are not what we wake up to, it’s just an ugly scene.

I’m in charge of food prep, including the quessadilla lunch, while Dennis does ‘hands on’ assistance. Ethan does not like to move through the morning motions quickly and there is a lot of prodding and encouragement and the occasional stern voice.

Then, there is the ‘gathering of the books’. Ethan LOVES books. Loves. Them. Go get your books, go get your books, go get your books! Sometimes he returns with 3 books that weigh 15 lbs. and we try to talk him into 1. They are always brought in categories – rocks, minerals, cars, tour guides, or Egypt. Whatever, they go in his bag.

I cannot devote a paragraph to teeth brushing. Nope. Moving on.

Put on your shoes, put on your shoes, put on your shoes! Then there’s the coat and the fedora. He pushes the sleeves of his coat up to his elbows no matter the temperature. I shove gloves into his pockets and a winter hat into his bag – he will never wear them – but I’ve done the ‘good mom’ thing. I try to kiss him, he says ‘no kiss’. Everyday.

If Sean wakes up during this time and starts making demands requests, I use my sing-songy, Stepford-mom voice to remind him that as soon as Ethan is on the bus I would be happy to help him. Just a few more minutes Seany šŸ™‚

God forbid the bus is late. Agh! He wants me to call, text or magically make the bus appear. In this cold weather, our glass-front door fogs up. Lately there have been smiley faces left behind on the door.

DSC09062Off he goes, and I am left waving in my mismatched pajamas.

5 thoughts on “Mornings with Ethan

  1. Wayne Hastrup

    At least they’re still smiling faces on the glass door… could be worse…

    If it’s any consolation, it’s not just Ethan, it’s a lot of kids… and it’s one of the disadvantages of us non-homeschoolers face… Imagine doing that with all four of them, going at different times because they’re in different schools…. Be glad it’s only one!

    As far as the PDD, though, I remember the battles with Joey to get on the bus. He wasn’t waiting at the door, though. He usually he got out of bed 5-10 minutes before the bus pulled up and that was after an hour of trying to get him up… a few times the bus left without him and then there’s the decision, do I drive him and be late for work, or just enable him and let him stay home… Meanwhile, now he gets up for work on his own at 3:30am… go figure… so perhaps there is hope. (Maddy (the dog) still gets excited when I jokingly say, “Joey the bus is here.”)

  2. Jackie

    This is our mornings. We can swap kids and we would know how to get each one to the bus. Great story.

  3. Sharon G

    We could exchange kids and it would not change a thing of our mornings! Well except D likes the kiss and peanut butter on toast. Every. Single. Day.

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