Handful of Hearts

I love having a party – in my teeny, tiny house. It poses some challenges, like having to move furniture around multiple times until the space functions as it is needed and importing seating from family and friends. I like the cleaning and prepping and how everything looks right before everyone comes. I also like how everything looks right after they leave – ah, the glorious ‘wrecked-party-house’! One of my favorite, annual photos on New Year’s Eve could be entitled ‘Aftermath’. Nothing says ‘good time’ like sticky floors and confetti behind the toilet tank.

The boys and their friends asked for a poker party. Whatever you think about that, I thought the same thing. I don’t know how to play and was very uninterested in learning. Everyone gained a working knowledge of the game and the big game of the night was strangely intense. Thankfully, ‘poker teaching’ really fell to the dads and us moms were off the hook.

It was very fun combing the card game with Valentine’s Day – the ‘hearts’ theme really pulled the two together 😉 DSC09271 DSC09270 DSC09267 DSC09259 DSC09251 DSC09249Best decoration for the party – smiley kids and friends and family eating and drinking together.

Hands down.

My camera is on it’s last legs – please forgive me. Better photos coming soon!

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