Weekend Check In

I am not the grinch that may family often accuses me of being. I’m not! It just takes me longer to catch the holiday spirit than some.

I am pleased to announce that this weekend I produced lots of pretty, little cookies, placed a large Amazon order, enjoyed the Frasier Fir that Dennis and Gavin parked in my tiny living room and even hummed along to many of Ethan’s very loud Christmas carols. We drove out to see a great lights display at ‘Christmas in Warren‘. See? I’m practically oozing Christmas Spirit 🙂

On a somber note, I spent several hours this weekend sitting with a friend who had to do something very, very, very hard. It was hard to watch and hard to be there, but if my friend could do something that I could not wrap my head around, the least I could do was be present for the experience. It was a situation that was draining and left me reeling on a very deep level. I think it will unravel in my mind for a long time. What it reminded me of was how much in life actually matters. It is so little when you really break it down.

When I returned home, I kissed and hugged each of my kids very deliberately. Sometimes I don’t do that enough. When Dennis received a last minute offer for our entire family to attend a NJ Devils Hockey game – all together – in front row seats, I decided we should all go. I would normally encourage Dennis to have a night out with the boys, but in light of feeling, well, I don’t know what I was feeling, but I wanted us all to be in one place.

I snapped this picture with my phone. This is what matters.


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