Serving of Stone Soup

(I couldn’t get my blog to work, or my brain. There’s my excuse for staying away so long.)

The story of Stone Soup is always the same. In an attempt to secure a meal for themselves, a group of soldiers promise solitary and reticent residents of a small village a delectable meal of ‘Stone Soup’, made with an actual stone….if only each resident contribute a tiny amount of another ingredient.

After a carrot, an onion, a cabbage, various other ingredients and salt have been added to the soup it turns out delicious and abundant.

Green Valley Homeschool Cooperative’s Stone Soup event is the perfect analogy for a community of homeschoolers. Everyone brings a little something to our community and suddenly, there is plenty to sustain us.

The event was more sparsely attended than usual, because of some drizzle, but the sentiment is always the same. We really each bring an ingredient – it’s not planned out – and we really make two big pots of soup to share. We turn the children loose and remind ourselves that we live a life of abundance and freedom and we take a few moments to acknowledge that blessing.

DSC06955 DSC06956 DSC06957 DSC06964 DSC06971DSC06976 DSC06986 DSC07028 DSC07029Man’s heart, away from nature,
becomes hard.

~Standing Bear

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