Another Bite of the Big Apple

Early Tuesday morning on GMA, the boys and I watched Diana Nyad slip into the water for a 48 hour long swim in support of victims of Hurricane Sandy. I am completely and totally enamored with her and was excited to see what she was doing next.

Gavin reminded me that I wanted to see her. Gavin reminded me that it was only 8:30 and Gavin asked why we don’t just go in and see her do it. So we grabbed the water bottles and snacks and threw them in a backpack (the only way to travel in NYC). With the help of my neighbor, I decided a new route to NYC was in order. Taking the local train in has proved very expensive, so this time we drove to a PATH station and paid 1/2 the amount of $$. It worked out fine for us.

I was completely in awe to see Diana plugging away at the monumental task before her. People signed up around the clock to swim 15 minute increments with her – NYPD, firefighters and other first responders, wounded warriors, swimmers, celebrities and even regular folks (wish I had known…) Gavin asked why I had tears in my eyes. I tell you, this woman speaks to me.

DSC06773 DSC06776 DSC06783 DSC06786 DSC06797 DSC06809 DSC06816Mikey told the interviewer that although he probably could not beat Diana Nyad in the water, he could probably beat her! 🙂

We had never been to The New York Public Library and the iconic Rose Reading Room made famous by Ghostbusters. We were also able to catch a special exhibit they were offering about children’s books through the ages. We took a stroll through Bryant Park located right behind the library.

The more we go into NYC, the easier it gets. I believe sightseeing in NY gives my kids reference points for so many places and things in literature (the stuffed animals pictured above were the original Winnie the Pooh characters, owned by A.A. Milne’s son!) , movies and history – and it’s just a plain old good time. I hope they choose to navigate alone and with friends as they grow up.

I love this list and have every intention of continuing to plug away it. Join me!


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