Just An Update

I love recaps. I can just scroll through my camera to see where we have been, and what we have been doing. It makes it so easy to share with you!

Gavin is participating in a program at Mccolluch Hall Historical Museum called ‘Bricks & Beams: Building New Jersey’. It is a three-part architectural class with lessons on architectural styles, a walking tour and time to build. While Gavin completed the first class, Mikey and Sean had a chance to investigate the house’s historic garden, which turned out to hold lots of interest about things I had recently been reading about to them – leaf shapes, sassafras trees, ferns and their spores, sundials and plants  – I LOVE when that happens. Gavin experimented with cantilevers and ‘balloon’ frames.

We had a chance to watch a helicopter moving huge containers and HVAC units onto the roof of our newly constructed Costco. It was fascinating.

DSC06556 DSC06542 DSC06540When I tell you that there is nothing better, absolutely nothing, than seeing Ethan and his friends at a party, it’s the truth. I watched for a long time as each and every party guest was greeted by the shrieking of their name and the entire group moving to greet the new party-goer. We should all be so welcomed!

Ethan and his friends really know how to party!

We fit in one. more. beach. day. It could be the last. I cannot say that it is.

It was not only a beautiful day, it was such an interesting day that included a kind lady that was willing to tell the boys the names of the shells they were collecting, lots of found ‘sea creatures’ and the chance to chat up a police officer who was training his new K9 companion.

DSC06735We spent some time at The Buddy Walk of South Plainfield. Buddy Walks promote awareness and acceptance for people Down syndrome. I did not get a good picture of Ethan at the walk – but here is a good one of Gavin & Sean. Yep, Gavin. So cute!

Good thing this post contains so many pretty pictures and descriptions of beautiful days outside, because it distracts me from the mess that is currently my house 🙂

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