Every Last Drop

I’m busy, so busy…squeezing every last drop of summer out of each and every day – because it’s my favorite thing to do. I am zig-zagging the state collecting experiences and memories with my kids to tuck away for rainy – or those dreaded snowy days.

We’ve visited Turtle Back Zoo and it was really a great day. Ethan enjoys the zoo and I enjoy Ethan enjoying anything!

Dennis took the boys up the Sandy Hook Lighthouse during our last visit there. It’s the oldest, continually lit lighthouse in the country. Rock on, NJ! We’ve scooped up as many beach days as possible – evenings…afternoons…it doesn’t matter – I just want my toes in the water and my a$$ in the sand. (Thank you, Zack Brown)

My Aunt is here from Scotland and it motivates me (not that I need much) to go do ‘touristy’ things. I got an awesome deal to take the whole family on the super-cushy Zephyr. It was really luxurious with fabulous views. You just can’t see Lady Liberty too many times!

We also finally had the opportunity to visit the 9/11 Memorial. I found it really peaceful and beautiful. The fountains are an solemn tribute to the American lives lost that terrible day. I’d like to return to the memorial more than once.

I knew my Aunt would love a walk through NJ’s Botanical Gardens – so we did that too. You might like it, as well. I’d like to visit here in the early spring and again in mid-summer – so many blossoms, so little time.

For each place I tick off the list – I add two more! The waning summer days have a way of straightening out my priorities – what will I not be able to live with if I miss during these last balmy days? One more trip to Jenkinson’s, riding the Staten Island Ferry to Battery Park, paddle boats and mini golf, The NY Renaissance Faire, and 2, no 3, oh maybe 4 more beach days!!

I am going to keep this rolling just as long as I can, and from experience, I know that is at least three more weeks 😉

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