What is a ‘Tndr Box’?

I was offered a complimentary package of science experiments from Raju Rajesh at Tndrbox.net to try out with The Boyz. For kids, there isn’t much more exciting than receiving a package of goodies – for them – in the mail.

DSC05475 DSC05477From their website:

TndrBOX provides parents and kids with a fun and engaging way to enjoy science at home. We deliver a box of hand picked science experiments and activities targeted for kids from 3- 10 years of age, to your home each month.

TndrBOX feeds your child’s imagination while making for a quality family experience. Our TndrTreasures (experiments) will help stimulate your child’s curiosity and develop critical thinking skills. They are able to ask questions, verbalize their thinking, and take control of their learning.

The box of supplies came complete with everything (and I mean every little thing) needed to complete several simple science experiments. We experimented with pigments, magnets and polymer goo – what’s better than polymer goo?

We were provided with adorable little videos explaining how to complete each activity – we found propping up the iPad really did the trick. The idea of not having to hunt around the house for a safety pin, steel wool, a craft stick and countless other items was so nice. I find once I leave the kids at the table in search of another supply, they get up and all manner of craziness ensues. This box was really ‘open and go’ – straight to fun.

Sean and Mikey, who fall into Tndrbox’s recommended age group, enjoyed the activities very much. The asked some basic questions that I could answer. Gavin, who is older, wanted a little more technical information. He mentioned that the experiment labeled ‘What is a polymer’ created a polymer, but did not actually answer the question. We were able to quickly find some simple explanations on websites geared towards kids and we thought that would be a nice addition to the resources.

He also mentioned that the experiment called ‘What happens when you hit a tetherball’ was not aptly named. Although the activity used centrifugal force, clearly what is in play when you hit a tetherball, it was not referenced and therefore should have been called something else. (he did seem to enjoy all the activities even though he reminded me that they were for ‘littler kids’)

Other than that, we thought Tndrbox provided us with some good, summer fun. I took a look at their subscription packages. What they are really offering us is TIME. Most of us could pull together the same pile of supplies that the company is offering – I just don’t know how long it would take – and then sometimes all the fun is gone!

If you think you would like the idea of having this little box of treasures tucked away to pull out at a moments notice for as an after-dinner or Saturday afternoon unplugged, family activity, I think they can deliver 😉

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