Not Enough Summer Fun

I guess I checked out a little. I have to admit it was nice. I didn’t do lots of things I ‘should’ do during the week and did lots of things I rarely do…like hike, bake, sit, read, visit with friends and go to the book store alone. I thought about why I don’t do these things and how I can do them more often. I have a lot to say about spending some time alone, but I think it will trickle out a little at a time.

Meanwhile, summer activities that usually come easy around here are hard to pin down. The weather has not been entirely cooperative and whatever machine normally keeps us moving from one fun activity to the next interesting pursuit needs a good swift kick in the tail. Can I force Summer to be more fun? It seems to pop up like these unpredictable, little rain showers that have dotted this summer.

For instance…

DSC05725 DSC05732 (1)DSC05787 DSC05811 (1) DSC05751 (1)DSC05845 (1) DSC05836 (1)DSC05867 (1) DSC05904 (1) DSC05853 (1) DSC05848 (1)

RaeLynn, Kix Brooks, Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert were fun.

DSC05969 DSC05970Cruise Night in downtown Somerville (with a stop at Rita’s Italian Ice)

And the 4H Fair is always fun. Maybe Summer IS fun. Mabye I’m not.


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