What’s Going On?

It’s zero hour, folks. I knew the plans, but I didn’t get the implications. Dennis and Gavin have left, together, for Boy Scout Camp. They will be gone for 7 days. Dennis had been gone over a weekend, but never a week. In our household, the collateral damage effects could be huge.

The first issue is that Dennis is a VERY hands on father, which means he handles lots of issues – that will fall to me this week. It will totally freak the kids out. I suspect I will have several ‘hygiene issues’ this week. There will be varied sleep issues – no one really likes to sleep when he’s not home. Really.

The things I don’t do – like take out trash, feed the cat, feed the turtle, put chemicals in the pool, check bank balances, haul the laundry down 2 flights of stairs, or anything having to do with TVs, iPods, iPads, or PCs – well, 11 days will tell (once he brings back Gavin, he leaves for 4 days with Mikey). There are just things that are not on my radar that I hope I can remember to do. When does recycling go out? I’m guessing when Dennis gets back.

My mother and my sister have both been single mothers and I know women whose husband’s work strange schedules and many hours. I know women who have been widowed. I know how fortunate I am that this will pass.

There are probably tips and ideas that many people could share with me, and there is probably a settling in period or learning curve to parenting on your own. Since there won’t be time for that, I’ll get you front row seats to watch the mayhem 😉

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