What Do I Do?

It happens and I am never expecting it. ‘What do you do?‘ Oh, like for work?

I don’t ‘work’.

Somehow, that doesn’t seem to cover it. I. Don’t. Work. Ugh.


I guess that works. To most people, it might imply staying at home and having kids who are in school during the day – or maybe having a preschooler. When our schedule is in full-swing, we are out more than we are home, but it’s an accepted answer.


Bring on the denim jumper and the grinding of wheat or people picturing me standing in front of a blackboard in my dining room teaching quiety seated children. Most people know little about homeschooling and probably conjure images that have very little to do with who I am or what I do all day.


Does anyone use these words anymore?

‘Domestic Goddess

It’s a snarky, and a little cliche ~ just like I sometimes feel.

I don’t know what picture develops in peoples’ minds when I explain that I don’t work at a paid job or have career and that my kids are homeschooled. I don’t have a college education or a career that I ‘used’ to have. I don’t have something I am eager to return to when my kids are ‘in school’. It is not a situation I pictured myself in 20 years ago, but here I am. Dennis and I have assessed this plan many times and each time, this set up makes the most sense for us and our kids.

I could wax poetic about the virtues of motherhood and home education and domesticity – but I won’t, because I’m busy and I have things to do but I don’t think I can explain what they are.

3 thoughts on “What Do I Do?

  1. Theresa Novak

    You are always super busy and I admire all you do for your family. I often think our society de-values the family and motherhood and well, I could go on and on about why I think that’s the root of our problems, but I don’t want to get all controversial on your blog.

  2. Valerie

    Oh thank you for saying it. I don’t have a college degree either and I thought I was the only homeschool mom in that position. Also I do work but as a waitress at night and imagine all the self sacrificing images that conjures up for people. I’m practically Sally Field in a Lifetime movie.

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