Time Off

It’s confession time. I don’t spend much time away from my kids. At all. For 18 years, I have always had one or more kids with me. I get haircuts, go to rare doctor’s appointments and a once a month meeting for parents of kids with DS. I take the occasional late-night trip to Target. I don’t have a job I ‘need’ to leave for and have not made other commitments that would necessitate leaving. Being alone in my own house is nearly out of the question. I have dinner with a friend or Dennis – way too rarely.

But as far as having chunks of time on any consistent breaks, I just haven’t worked those in.

There are several factors involved and I’m taking some time to think about why I haven’t carved out more time for myself. They are varied in nature and my perception of the issues. I’m going to give it some serious consideration, because I’ve hit a wall. I don’t know why I am feeling it more acutely now than other times, maybe 18 years is my limit 😉

When a dear friend, who cares deeply for my family, mentioned that Ethan would be in school and Gavin gone for the week and that certainly I could find something for Mike and Sean to do for several hours during this week, I took up the challenge. Within hours, I found a trusted Vacation Bible School that the older boys had done for several years. We took the last two slots they had available – providence or what?

For about three hours each morning this week, I will be kid-free. My mom has also offered to take them for a trip to the movies and I have a sitter one night this week. If that’s not a big deal for you – I get it. Reread my first paragraph. It’s big for me.

I have made a commitment to spending that time doing things that that I enjoy. That will be half of the challenge (what do I like to do without my kids?) I will not do things I ‘have’ to do. I will not let myself clean, do laundry or run errands during my ‘time off’. I am going to get a little R&R. I will also be a ‘spectator’ to my own activities and try to remember why it’s good to disconnect and get a little ‘down’ time on a more consistent basis.

Here goes nothing.

DSC05919 (1)P.S. Thanks for the deck, Dennis. It’s pretty dreamy.

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  1. Valerie

    I like to watch documentaries when it’s just me for an extended period of time. If you have netflix break out the Chinese food and sit back and search for what intrigues you, you know if that’s your kind of thing 🙂

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