One 4th of July

It’s simply about a few things. Oppressive heat and humidity, a parade, something cooked on the grill, a swim in the pool and fireworks. There’s no need to get fancy. Trust me.

Ethan LOVES a parade and our town obliges with the firetrucks and classic cars, girls scouts and boy scouts, costumed characters, local politicians and a rag time group. Super sweet.

It sometimes make me laugh that we say we ‘swim’ in our pool. We bob. It’s fun, but it’s not ‘swimming’.

There were burgers and dogs for all, but the fireworks – oh the horror! We went to view them in a nearby town only to find out that there was “Park and Ride” to the field. Agh! Parking and riding makes me very upset. Really. As predicted, getting home really stunk and I will NOT do it ever again. I mean it.

We met all the requirements and another 4th of July gets marked off the calendar. Sometimes that’s as good as it gets.

Groove. Still not found. Posting soon about my lousy case of Ennui. Does that make it sound romantic. It’s not.

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