No Mojo

Did I say at the end of this post that I was ‘nailin’ it’?!

Well…”Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before the fall.” Proverbs 16:18.

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t really prideful or haughty – but I was wrong. I have not found a summer swing and I definitely got no mama mojo.

Our cat was lost, but is now found. That is a happy thing.

DSC05014Ethan’s ‘birthday week’ included a hibachi dinner and one big ole party. That was a very happy thing.

But, although I gave you some really good advice that has worked for me in the past, things are not falling into place here. I am unsure if they need a nudge or a stick of dynamite to rearrange the energy. The movies and documentaries are overdue and it’s literally raining on my parade – or at least my beloved day trips. Then I saw Theresa’s post here and I was all super-jealous, like, ‘hey, I wanna go to Bushkill Falls!’ and I am wwwwaaaaayyyy under my quota for beach days.

The boys, all of them, are doing things that I don’t want them to be doing and are not doing the things that I would like for them to be doing – do you know how to ‘make them’?! Then I am doing things I don’t want to be doing – that’s the part I hate the most.

We are off kilter. The Costello microcosm is out of balance and I am not having fun. Maybe that super-moon affected the gravitational pull on my house, or my head, or my children.

Maybe I could use a little less caffiene, or a little more. Does anyone know where I can get that figurative stick of dynamite?

3 thoughts on “No Mojo

  1. stella

    You are so good with the fam…why don’t you go away (alone) for a few days on a campout (as a cheap option) or a spa retreat. I bet you’ll have a refreshing break and they’ll be ready to jump into action when you come back. Whatever “action” that maybe.

  2. Theresa Novak

    We get into those times, too, where the girls are doing things I don’t want them to be doing and I am spending waaaayyyy too much time on-line. Maybe you can have a little meeting with the boys and come up with a Summer Fun List or a list of indoor and outdoor things you would all like to do? I am looking forward to do that Tinker Day!

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