Highlands Natural Pool

When I found out about the Highlands Natural Pool – 3 years ago – I just knew it would be a great place for my family. I love lake swimming and this is the only pool of its type in NJ. It is completely filled by a natural spring – it looks like a lake, but it’s a fully cemented pool with a really fascinating history.

After many false starts and thwarted plans, we made our way there this week. The grounds are totally tucked away in a little corner of NJ. You come through a residential neighborhood and winding, bumping roads. Even the foot path to the pool is rugged and camouflaged, but that only added to the intrigue 😉

DSC05379 DSC05382We got there nice and early when the pool was opening and were happy to get a table to use for the day. The plantings and landscaping are beautiful and we particularly enjoyed the ‘butterfly bush’ that drew TONS of little winged beauties.

DSC05385 DSC05417 (1) DSC05419 (1)The kids were excited when they discovered that the shallow end of the pool was filled with salamanders, tadpoles and aquatic frogs.
DSC05389 (1) DSC05391 (1) DSC05396During our day at the pool we saw all these critters, plus swarms of beautiful dragonflies, several large spiders, a large inchworm and a land toad.

The water is clean and clear and smells wonderful. The surrounding trees are lush and green and I feel like the whole place was filled with an extra dose of oxygen 🙂 It was quiet and filled with little kids and elderly folks and it was a really diverse crowd that availed themselves of this magical locale.

We had a great time swimming and playing here. Fun was had by everyone. That’s good times – and that’s what I’m looking for.

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  1. Karin

    It makes me so happy when I see someone new has discovered our wonderful pool. I grew up right up the street from it, which makes me one of the world’s luckiest people. When we were kids we LIVED in the water, till we had to go home for dinner.

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