Stuff I Love that Happens in My House

In an attempt to correct Sean’s whining – I have modeled the proper method of making a request. I LOVE that he now says, “May I have [requested item] and you’re sooooo pretty?”

I LOVE when Ethan says “Thank you, ma’am” to me – and Dennis 😉

I LOVE when Dennis makes a request of Ethan he yells back “OK, old man”. Sends me into fits of laughter. I do not find it humorous when he yells at me, “OK, big mama” – not at all!

I LOVE when Mikey catches every ‘stupid mother’ cliche that I have ever used. ‘Mom, can you show me what molasses is. Why is it so slow, anyway’. Ha!

I LOVE that although Gavin can be a total nudge to his own younger siblings, he gets rants and raves from other people about his kindness to other little kids.

I LOVE that Sean sometimes refers to having two brothers and his ‘best buddy’, Mikey. It in no way implies lack of brotherhood with Mikey, it’s his way of giving extra props to him.

 I LOVE that if my boys are reprimanded by another mother in the park, they are learning to respond, ‘My mom’s right there, why don’t you talk to her’ rather than believing the have to…’get down’, ‘put down that stick’, or ‘get out of the water’.

I LOVE that our boys realize that our family is super-conspicuous, but are not quite sure why 😉

I LOVE that Sean wants wants to be both brown and ‘dopted’. If they are good enough for Mike, they are good enough for him.

I LOVE that not one of my boys has gone through a ‘girls have cooties’ phase. I really love it 🙂

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