Little Man

Sometimes I ask Gavin to pick up his socks or clean up a simple mess and he launches into a monologue about why he can’t do what I am asking or asks 22 questions about how to accomplish something incredibly simple. Really?!

But…sometimes, lately, something like this happens.

DSC04313 (1) DSC04314 (1)Me: Excuse me, what are you doing to my car?
G: My friend noticed that you have a headlamp out – I’m just fixing it.
Me: I don’t think you know how to fix a headlamp and I don’t even have one.
G: Dad and I put an extra one in the glove box when he showed me how to do it – remember we did it for Boy Scouts.
Me: Um, nooooo.
Gavin: There you go, now you have a working headlight.
Me: Ok…..uh, thanks.

I am working on teaching my boys to ‘see a problem, fix a problem’ if it is within your skill set. But as I watch it emerge, I am taken off guard.

The other day when I saw him in his bathing suit I asked if he was taking a swim. ‘Yeah’ he said – but I need to vacuum the pool first. Of course you do.

DSC04796Although I offered money for the job of digging several very solid posts out of the backyard, I was not confident that he would take the bait, or get the job completed.

An hour and a half later, the post was out, the hole filled in, and the tools cleaned and returned to their spots. This morning he informed me that he heard his friend was asked to do some yard work for an elderly lady around the corner. He says his friend did not take her up on the offer, but that he is about to today.

This new industriousness is very appealing and I am excited about fostering it.

Now, if only I could get him to pick up his socks.

2 thoughts on “Little Man

  1. Theresa Novak

    Yay, Gavin!! He is such a great kid, Janet! And I knew that before I even read this post đŸ˜‰ There is something about him…my girls tell me how he compliments them on things!

  2. Wayne Hastrup

    “See a need, fill a need” – Big Weld

    We could all learn a few lessons from Gavin!

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