Weekends are full of unique opportunities aimed at kids – because most kids are out of school! Although the boys participate in roller hockey at Greenbrook Hockey Club, the commitment is so manageable (you should come check it out). Weekends also give us blocks of time, extra playmates and none of the weekday commitments.  It is a good opportunity to have individual time with separate kids, as I have Dennis around. I take full advantage of weekends to bring more information, experiences and fun to my family. Check out sites like this, this and this to get some good ideas.

DSC04115 (1) DSC04125 (1)Paper-making with cousins – who knew THAT’s what my new Vitamix would be used for!

DSC04128 (1)

Cousins – as engineering partners.

DSC04089 DSC04093Gavin at “Rutger’s Day”. If you missed it – put it on your calendar for next April – there is something for everyone and is a great way to introduce your kids to a state college.

Weekends. Use them wisely and funly (I know, I know…) Now excuse me, I have plans to make.



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