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Occasionally, an adoption agency will not have an adoptive family take a baby directly home from the hospital for varying reasons. When that happens, they utilize something they refer to as ‘interim care’. The short period of time between hospital discharge and placement into their new parents loving arms needs to be filled – and I am more than happy to do that!!

In the past, we have cared for half a dozen infants in this capacity and this week, we entered back into that roll. We have been entrusted with a two day old baby girl, who we’ve referred to as ‘flower’, ‘Princess Jasmine’ and ‘Rapunzel’. She’s squeaky and rosy and just the most darling little doll. That’s what it’s like – having a real live baby doll.

One of the best parts of this ‘job’ for me is that I am not postpartum. If you try to compare this to bringing your own infant home, it just doesn’t compare. I am not exhausted from giving birth, on a hormonal roller coaster and don’t have any body aches and various pains. I come in at the top of my game 🙂

People wonder about ‘getting attached’. I hope I get attached – but we are not actively looking to add an infant to our family or eagerly waiting for a baby. I come into this completely prepared to provide love and attention to someone else’s baby. So do the kids. They know she’s just passing through.

I have core beliefs that make it a pleasure to serve in this capacity. I love adoption. I believe wholeheartedly in it. I believe birth mothers are courageous and self-sacrificing, placing the needs of their infants above their own wants and desires. I believe the gift of life given to their children and adoptive families is a gift to the universe, it gives back in so many ways. I believe adoption is one of life’s mysterious miracles.

I want to hear the stories and watch the happy endings. I love toting this tiny, attention-grabbing creature who is a napping, public service announcement for adoption. I like being a spectator to a 7 lb. person that has already touched lives. I do this and will hopefully continue to do this because I am selfish and I want this small piece of heaven for myself. DSC04788

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  1. Ag

    I would love to do this type of foster care in the future. I absolutely love the newborn stage (I know…weird because it seems most people don’t). Enjoy her!!

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