roadtripI am headed out to Rockport, MA with another homeschooling mama – 2 moms, 7 kids – sounds like a reality show! It is‘s hometown and she knows all the ins and outs. It will be cool to be a ‘local’ on vacation.

I’ve never tackled 5-6 hours of road time alone, so that will be a notch in my belt. I am also leaving Ethan and Dennis behind. Yesterday, Ethan asked if I was taking ‘the guys’ (Gavin & Mikey) on a trip. Yes. Sean too? Yes. Why? I told him some of the things we hope to do. I was wondering if he was a bit disappointed. He asked if he was staying home with Dennis. Yes.

“Yeah!!! Stay home, watch movies, eat wings!!” Probably. Guess he approves of the plan.

I like a vicarious roadtrip, and I hope you do too. Tune in for beautiful pictures of Rockport, especially of Motif #1. Bye-bye NJ. I don’t do this often enough.

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