World’s Greatest Preschool

Sean’s preschool program is very rigorous πŸ˜‰ Activities are presented that increase hand strength, promote crossing of the midline, and improve his pincer grasp. Carefully selected tasks, presented within the context of family life provide him with opportunities to develop mastery and confidence. He is constantly challenged with situations that require the ability to anticipate cause and effect. DSC02312 DSC02130 DSC02313 DSC02309His program allows him ample time for free form artistic expression. (Both in artwork and clothing selection).

DSC02316He is presented with rich, age-appropriate literature, as well as books and stories meant for MUCH older students. DSC01640 (1)His preschool curriculum is hands on and multi-sensory…

DSC02533 DSC07830DSC07831Cooperative play, turn taking, the use of logic, deductive reasoning and activities that promote visual discrimination are presented daily. Resources are provided for experimentation with simple physics and basic engineering.

DSC02555 (1) DSC01978 DSC07878 DSC08087 DSC02339 (1) DSC02341 (1) Opportunities for nature study and field trips cannot be rivaled by any other program.

DSC07896 DSC07903Sounds fancy, right?! It’s so inexpensive and you can attend in your jammies. Heck, you can attend in your little, tighty whities πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Preschool

  1. Theresa Novak

    I wish that we had just homeschooled from the very beginning and never sent the girls to school. I would have loved to have been with them at that time in their lives and there are so many cool things we could have done.

  2. Aadel

    I love this! Such a vivid picture of what preschools try to do, and what you are doing perfectly through life. πŸ™‚

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