Weekend Wonderful, and Some Not So Much

Friday night, we attended The Big Apple Circus for about the 15th year. As always, it was great, but new to us was getting the opportunity to meet and talk to a couple of performers.

DSC02798 DSC02806 (1)A great time thanks to Circus Place!

Saturday’s weather was just too wonderful not to get out and see the last presentation about maple sugaring at the Environmental Education Center in Basking Ridge’s ‘Sugar Shack’. The program is great every year due to a great venue and excellent story-telling. Tasting maple syrup at the end is a highlight.

DSC02814 DSC02818 DSC02829 (1) DSC02838 (1)We also had the privilege of being the last house on the block with a giant snowball.

DSC02857 DSC02859Then there was Sunday. The calendar revealed a trip for Ethan with Somerset County Recreation Department. If you know Ethan, you know that his first answer – even to desirable activities – will be no. So after much prepping, cajoling and pleas to shower and get ready, he decided that it would, in fact, be a good trip. A trip to the bank for some cash and piling 4 more boys into the car for his drop off proved to already be the event that starts pushing me over the edge. I am already tired of hearing my own voice. 5 boys singing Gangnam Style, seat dancing and the removal of more than one shirt – that’s a new activity around here. Damn testosterone. Then comes Moves Like Jagger, and some Minecraft music video spoofs played extra loud through the ipad and over the car speakers, requests for a food stop and teasing of one younger brother/cousins that results in several minutes of high-pitched shrieking. I know, I am not impressing you. Par for the course, you say.

Upon arrival at the drop off destination for Ethan’s trip, it becomes clear that the trip has for some reason been cancelled and I am left attempting to wrangle all 5 of the boys back into the car. Ethan is mad, confused and frustrated. Those are not good things for Ethan to be. The other 4 have fallen into their pack mentality and are tiny specks scurrying around North Branch Park. I whistle, I yell, but it’s not until I insert the word ‘food’ into my pleas that they return to the car.

Ah, two fast food restaurants and $42 later I have calmed the savage beasts enough to have a coherent conversation about a trip to a play park. All this while, I am lamenting the St. Patrick’s Day Parade we would have spectated had Ethan not had a trip 🙁 Fail.

The day was redeemed by a joyful romp that produced these sweet shots.

DSC02869 (1)

DSC02872 (1) DSC02874 DSC02876 DSC02890 (1) DSC02905How was your weekend?

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