Me & My Country Music

I listen to country music. Often. Almost exclusively. Always have. Old stuff, new stuff, weird stuff. The following are real questions that my kids have asked me as a direct result of my penchant.

~ What does ‘shooting doubles’ mean?

~ Did he REALLY shoot a man just to watch him die!?

~ You know, ‘fish’ doesn’t really rhyme with ‘truck’. Nope.

~ You would want to have a beer with Jesus, wouldn’t you, mom? Uh-huh.

~What kinds of ‘funny things’ can you smoke?

~ Is this the ‘clean’ version of this song?

~ Does anyone REALLY think a tractor is sexy? Uh-huh.

~ What are the boondocks?

If you would like to discuss this with me, please call 1-800-BAD-MOMS.

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