A Week Ago

Today is my one week anniversary – of not being able to think of anything witty, or profound or really interesting to write about. Sure, there’s stuff going on, but it’s too rainy and gloomy and muddy and cold to really be effective at much of anything. Who’s tired of hearing that from me?!?

DSC02909 DSC02910 DSC02911

I recently sent my 4th snow-boot-clad bug-hunter out into the thawing yard to catch specimens. None found. But, oh my gosh, I want to freeze him and keep him as a pet.

DSC02913 DSC02915 DSC02916

I started to teach Mikey to crochet. Because I can, and because it’s just good for his head and his hands and maybe I’ll get a nice gift out of it someday.

We enjoyed a family night out of hunting for spotted salamanders on Beekman Road in East Brunswick, NJ.  The very best part of the night was Ethan (and Dennis) agreeing to join in the search. Anything involving a flashlight is generally appealing to him.

DSC02936DSC02940 (1)DSC02937 (1)DSC02949DSC02956We had Opening Day for Greenbrook Hockey Club – complete with a skate-parade. If you haven’t joined us for a game, come out and see what a great sport roller hockey is and what a great league GBHC is.

DSC02963 (1) DSC02966 (1) DSC02970 (1) DSC02974Now, we are busy watching – yes watching – The Bible. Noah, King David, the Egyptians. Moses, Sampson and Delilah, Jerusalem and King Herod and the Roman Empire. We are up to Mary & Joseph and we are all really enjoying it along with 13 million other viewers.

I won’t be blogging again until Spring 😉

Things I am worried about:

I won’t get a babysitter for tomorrow night
This snow still being here in the morning
Sal Khan’s book making my head explode
I am running out of ingredients for dinner

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