Something to Say

First, I meant to write about Sean, and all the awesome activities he does and how cute he is.

DSC02309Then I was going to tell you about the conversation I had with Dennis this week about Roth IRAs and life insurance and I said that I could not believe I was a 40 year-old mother of 4 having this discussion in my kitchen and I’d really rather be a 21 year-old intoxicated bimbo in a bar somewhere. I used saltier language – but your get the gist. He wanted to know if it was really true. I told him I’d get back to him.

Then I was going to explain that when I lose a little of my homeschooling mojo I resort to reading my children thousands (instead of hundreds) of books, playing card games and watching Nat Geo.

I also started crafting a tirade about the laundry and the incessant need to cook dinner, but I realized I’ve posted about that so many times that I am boring even myself.

I had a great idea for a post about Ethan and his coloring. I would have told you how thankful I am that he LOVES to color and gets such satisfaction in filling in each tiny spot with a unique color producing these masterpieces.

DSC02397 DSC02398 DSC02399

Each time he opens a new box of crayons he insists that I throw out the white crayon immediately. No, he won’t do it himself.

Of course there was sledding to blog about.

DSC02357 (1) DSC02366 (1)I could post cute pictures of brothers cuddling.

DSC02343I could post about how I let Sean watch another episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Gavin watch Phineas & Ferb and Mikey still sleep to write this post. Anyhow, no children were harmed in the crafting of this post and that’ what’s important.

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